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Desktop Alerter

Never miss out again when your favourite glamour stars come online!

We are delighted to offer you the latest version of "Desktop Alerter".

Desktop Alerter is a discreet and free application that will give you Live Alerts on the statuses of your favourite Glamour Stars.

For example, it will tell you when they come online, announce a new show, do special rates, do free chats, etc. It will also tell you whenever a new model is added and more.

The Alerter is fully customizable so that you can set preferences for your alerts. It also has a Discreet Mode so you can easily stop graphic alerts when other people may see your screen.

Instructions on Installation and How to Use the Desktop Alerter can be found below.

We believe the Desktop Alerter is the perfect way to never miss out with our gorgeous models and we are sure you will enjoy its benefits.

Installation Instructions

Close any previously installed version of the Alerter. (Right click on icon and select Exit)


After downloading the Alerter, select "Run".

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Once installed you should notice the small Alerter icon Icon on the bottom of your screen.
If you do not see this go to Start / Programs and run the Alerter application from there.

If you experience any problems installing or running the alerter, please contact us.

How to Use the Alerter

Right click on the red lips and you will be presented with these options:

Models Online
This will display all models that are live online at that moment.

This will display up and coming show times.

Click on a day to see which models have scheduled to appear online in advance.
NOTE: Most models are unable to schedule when they will be online in advance so these are not included in the Schedule.

You can use this to easily link to the Models, Showtimes and Schedule pages.

This is the control panel that allows you to customise your preferences for the live alerts that you receive. This is the heart of the Live WOW Alerter.

Discreet Mode
You will not get any graphic alerts in Discreet Mode

About & Exit
As you find them.

If you experience any problems using the alerter, please contact us.

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